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Former Back Pain Sufferer Reveals “4 Tactics To Eliminate Pain” and Prevent Further Injury From a Unique 3-Step Method That No One Else Will Tell You About.

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Thursday July 25, 2024

By: Mike Westerdal, CPT, RKC
Powerlifter, Best Selling Fitness Author
and former sufferer of lower back pain

Over half of the people subscribed to our health & strength newsletter either are suffering or have suffered from some form of back pain in the past year. With a fan base of over a quarter million people, the numbers are near epidemic.

Doesn’t that make you wonder how on Earth some people are able to train with 100% effort month after month, without ever having to slow down or miss any workouts due to a nagging injury caused by a sore, stiff or injured lower back? It makes you wonder what they’re doing that you’re not.

If so, I’ll tell you how they do it.

But first I’d like to share with you 4 Tactics to Eliminate Back Pain that were taught to me by injury specialist and exercise physiologist Rick Kaselj, MS.

I’ve spent a lot of time and money consulting with Rick, so be sure to pay close attention and take notes. These 4 strategies could be the difference between a nasty re-occurring back blowout versus taking the fast track to the pain free “limitless” workouts you need and deserve at any age.

Tactic to Eliminate Back Pain #1:
Do this exercise first thing in the morning!

Recently I attended a Jerry Seinfeld stand up comedy show and he joked that in today’s society all we do is move from seat to seat. We wake up and sit in our breakfast seat. We drive to work in our car seat to sit in our office seat. Then it’s back home to our dinner seat and ultimately the couch seat, or if we have plans for the evening we’ll be lucky enough to sit in a “show seat”.

Okay maybe it’s not quite that bad, but we do sit a lot, putting our bodies in a constant state of flexion which leads to chronic back pain.

The number one exercise you can do to alleviate an achy back is called a standing back extension. To perform this exercise, simply stand up and place your hands on top of your pelvis. Arch backwards and return back to standing. With each repetition try to go further and further. Your feet should be about hip width apart.

This exercise has been shown to be beneficial for 95% of the people with back pain either first thing in the morning or as a break from sitting.

Quick Fix: Do this back extension exercise 3-4 times per day for
5 repetitions
whenever your back feels tight or sore. Your back
should feel looser and better.

Tactic to Eliminate Back Pain #2:
Don’t Get Stuck In The Vicious
Back Pain Cycle

Years ago, before meeting exercise physiologist Rick Kaselj, MS I found myself caught in this vicious cycle after having a football-related lower back injury. In fact, I’ve “thrown out” my back on multiple occasions, but not once since consulting with Rick.

As Rick later explained to me, this cycle is very common and has happened to most of his clients in the past. It goes a little something like this…

Traditional Back Pain Model

Step 1: rest, ice, drugs, safe

At some point in your lifting career you come home and your back tightens up on you and you know something just isn’t right so you take some anti-inflammatory pills and throw an ice pack on. It’s not a big deal and part of playing sports and training hard right? Hopefully in a few days it will be completely better, but usually some kind of discomfort or pain lingers. That’s no reason to miss a workout though. Besides you can just avoid whatever causes it to flare up.

Step 2: doctor

Eventually this gets old and if it doesn’t feel better after a few weeks or months it’s probably time to visit the doctor to find out what’s going on. After using up a sick day and sitting for an hour in the waiting room, it’s pretty annoying when the doctor tells you to rest, ice, and don’t do things that hurt. Seriously? If your insurance isn’t that great, you’ll probably have to go back to your primary care doctor to get a referral to see a specialist. They’ll have you do an MRI, which is super expensive so hopefully you have a low deductible. You’ll have to schedule another appointment for that though.

STEP 3: diagnosis

After the MRI you’ll get the diagnosis at your next appointment. How many appointments is that so far? I’ve lost track already…sigh.

STEP 4: physical therapy

Step 4 of the pain cycle is when you get sent to a physical therapist. If you’re in luck your therapist has worked with athletes in the past, but who are we kidding? Most of the people in the center are not physically fit at all.

STEP 5: miscellaneous modalities

Modalities you might be exposed to include hot packs, cold packs, ultrasound and electrical stimulation to name just a few.

STEP 6: stretching and strengthening

Once your insurance runs out or you think you know the stretches and strengthening exercises well enough, you can continue with the rehab on your own time.


If it still doesn’t feel better, it’s time for another MRI……cha-ching, the cost is really adding up fast.

STEP 8: Physical therapy, cortisone injection, surgery

Next you can try more physical therapy or you can cover the symptoms with a cortisone shot that will numb the pain for a couple months. After that there’s always surgery, but something in your gut tells you that’s not what you really need. Listen to your instincts.

Hopefully you’re asking yourself …how do I make sure I don’t get caught in this twisted back pain cycle? I’m glad you asked and my reply is outlined in tactic #3 below.

Tactic to Eliminate Back Pain #3:
Deal With the ROOT of the Problem Not the

Having chronic back pain most of my adult life, I have spent a lot of time researching alternative back rehab solutions.

With these traditional back pain protocols, they focus on purely stretching and strengthening. This alone does not work or at best provides temporary back pain relief. The reality is that stretching focuses on symptoms, not necessarily the problem.

“Neither Strengthening nor Stretching Will Help You
Until Your Lower Back Has Been Reshaped Into a Pain
Free Lumbar Spine.”

While strengthening is important, it needs to be done when the lumbar spine has been reshaped into a pain-free back area. If you have not reshaped the lumbar spine into a pain-free area, you are just adding more strength to a painful region and making the problem worse. In time this stress leads to repetitive back injuries, increased vertebrae damage and overall lower back pain.

If you’re a personal trainer like me, this example will illustrate what I mean by reshaping. Lets say you want to become a strong deadlifter but your form is all jacked-up.

All the workouts in the world aren’t going to do you any good until you get your technique down. Once you have your technique perfected you have the platform to start planning your reps, sets, assistance exercises and other areas of your overall program.

It’s the same deal with your back. Don’t jump ahead to the stretches & exercises until you’ve reshaped the lumbar region to give you a solid foundation to progress from. In the next strategy I’ll share with you how to re-shape your back so that when you strengthen it you will NOT be causing more damage.

Tactic to Eliminate Back Pain #4:
Reshaping Your Lower Back Can Actually
Be Easy (With the BR3-Method)

The BR3-Method is short for “Back Reshaping 3-Part Method”. It
was invented by Injury Specialist and Kinesiologist Rick Kaselj, MS
who has over 20 years of hands-on experience, and a Master’s
Degree in Exercise Science.

In the vicious back pain cycle above, I mentioned how the doctor simply told me to not do what hurts? The entire reason I came in for the visit was to get back to what I love doing, not to stop doing what I love.

As I mentioned earlier I have personally been battling with lower back pain off and on for most of my adult life. Let me give you some quick background information.

The first time I hurt my back was my senior year of high school right at the beginning of football season. There was nothing I wanted more than to play my senior year and it looked like I was done for the year. I heard a pop one day in the weight room when I was doing lat pulldowns behind the neck. I’m sure I was using awful form and from that point forward I entered the world of lower back pain.

It hurt too much to sit down and I had to stand in class while taking notes (embarrassing). I had an MRI done and they couldn’t find anything wrong with me. I went to physical therapy and that didn’t help much either.

After missing the first three games of the season, I was getting really depressed and I cried out to God begging him to let me play my senior year of football. Shortly after that my back pain reduced and I was able to play the rest of the season.

That wasn’t the end of my back pain though. In college I threw my back out a few times so badly that I had to stay in bed for days. No, that wasn’t just an excuse to skip class, I physically couldn’t walk around when the muscles were tonic and spazzing out.

Being the competitive, stubborn guy that I am, I wasn’t going to let back pain rule my life. I kept putting my body through more stress by walking on the College Football team and played four years of D-IAA football. After college I had a short stint in Europe before tearing my ACL (knee).

Stop Doing What I Love? WRONG ANSWER!

My back started getting worse again in 2007 when I started competing in powerlifting (The Squat, Bench Press & Deadlift). Only a couple of guys know this, but I injured my back in my first competition during the squat. I finished the meet though, and even bench pressed over 600 pounds. Again, probably not the smartest idea, but what can I say, I had the “powerlifting bug”.

Here’s where it gets weird. You might ask me why I play all these sports and workout so much. Firstly, I love it and I don’t want to stop. Secondly, when I don’t work out my back actually hurts a lot more. I feel better when I do train even if I occasionally have a tweak.

As you can see from my little story and my extensive sports background, I have enjoyed training with heavy weights for a few decades now and I’ve had my share of injuries and pain over the years.

Ironically it wasn’t a back injury but a partially torn rotator cuff that initially led me to seek out the gifted hands of Injury Specialist Rick Kaselj, MS. Long story short, he helped me fix my shoulder pain in a matter of weeks and the next trouble spot on the list was my lingering knee pain left over from an ACL surgery in 2001. Again Rick helped me with this problem and it was time to tackle the elephant in the room…my back pain that had been lingering on and off for over two decades!

Working in the fitness industry myself, I knew I had to go to the source of the knowledge and cut out the middle man. You see Rick is more than just a specialist. He’s the guy who teaches the other fitness professionals the newest techniques to help their own clients. He has given over 315 live presentations to over 6065 health and fitness professionals across Canada and the USA.

Sure his credentials, degrees and real-world experiences are fine and dandy, but what ultimately sold me on him is the fact that he works with athletes and people that are serious about getting back to their workouts, not avoiding them.

Within minutes of trying a few techniques Rick recommended, I started feeling better. Within a few weeks of following his protocol I felt like a new person. No more sleepless nights and half speed workouts. Since working with Rick and implementing his plug-in pre and post workout sessions, I have not had any back pain that has stopped me from doing the things I love.

The investment of time is minimal. The pre and post workout regimens only take 10-15 minutes each and I can keep doing my normal workouts in between.

After improving the quality of life for myself and my family, I’m a “believer” in Rick and practically begged him to team up with Critical Bench and allow me the privilege of sharing his new Fix My Back Pain System utilizing his trademarked BR3 Method.

What Is The BR3 Method?

The “Traditional Back Pain Model” involves endless cycles of appointments, investigations, stretching and strengthening.

After having hundreds of Rick’s clients follow this model with minimal success, he needed to find a new model that breaks the traditional back pain model and moves clients from painful lower backs to a pain-free lumbar region.

This led to the creation of the BR3 Method which is based on
one key concept: Reshaping your lower back from a painful
lower back to a pain-free lumbar spine.

I know it sounds amazing but let me show you how you can do this for yourself…

Part 1: Internal Reshaping

The first part of the BR3 method involves using internal reshaping. You take simple steps to create an environment in your lower back so that you have a pain free lumbar region.

Part 2: External Reshaping

The second part of the BR3 method is reshaping your back from the outside. Now we are doing things that will continue the reshaping of the lower back, with a focus on what we can do to reshape it from the outside so that the lumbar region becomes pain free.

Part 3: Injury Specific Exercises

Now that we have started the reshaping of the lower back from the inside and outside, the next step is to focus on injury specific exercises. Most therapists do all the same exercises, no matter what the back injury is, but this is not right. About 60% of the exercises are the same for all back injuries, but the last 40% are injury specific and this is very important to note.



Hey Rick,

“Fix My Back Pain saved my career as a SWAT Team Leader and prevented me from having to undergo career ending surgery.”

I just wanted to send you a thanks and to let others know about the power of your program.

As you recall I was suffering from a career ending back injury, a bulging disc in my low back confirmed by an MRI. There is nothing quite like endlessly enduring what feels like a hot curling iron in your back radiating around to your hip. I was preparing for surgery. This would surely mean retirement from my position as a SWAT Team Leader. Carrying an extra 40 lbs of unevenly distributed weight from my heavy vest, for hours on end, was wreaking havoc on my back.

After we discussed your program I put your knowledge to use. Two of the exercises which take only minutes to do created a balance and stability in my back. Not only that, the pinching in my nerve has subsided. I am mission ready and back to hard training. I could write about it all day long, but I just wanted to send you over a thank you and let you know I am personally recommending your program to anyone who mentions an issue with their back. This is a life saver.

Todd Lamb
SWAT Team Leader


“I had the fortunate opportunity to receive and study Fix My Back Pain quite some time ago. Being the head strength & conditioning coach at the WWE Performance Center I work with many athletes that are constantly beat up, in pain, and in need of constant recovery.

Since incorporating and applying some of the ideas and techniques presented in FMBP I have seen some instant improvement and function in my athletes.

With better technique and all the other applicable drills, comes less pain. Seeing these immediate results makes me even more excited about the improvements that are coming in the next few months.

Matt Wichlinski
Head Strength Coach
WWE Performance Center

Take Charge Of Your Back Pain & Eliminate It Safely

Rick will show you everything you need to do in the Fix My Back Pain system. He will go through the 3-part program in detail using easy to follow videos and instructional guides so you can reshape your lower back to a pain free state.

Introducing “Fix My Back Pain”

Quick Start Video Tour

This is your speedy introduction and welcome tour to the system. Rick tells you what you need to do and how to get started right away.

This will be an invaluable time saver to help you dive right in and get started without any delay or questions.

The video portion of this segment will help you determine “What Is Going On With Your Lower Back“. Rick will take you by the hand and walk you through your self-assessment. You can follow along with the online DVD. It will be great. You’ll simply perform a movement that Rick shows you and based on how it feels you’ll know for sure what injury you have.

Rick charges $150 per assessment with his local clients but it’s included in your package. [$150 Value]

Internal Back Reshaping

In this component you take simple steps to create an environment in your lower back so your lumbar spine can begin to reshape from a painful state to a pain free state.

There are 5 easy to understand simple steps that you need to do in order to start the reshaping process. [$150 Value]

External Back Reshaping

The second part of the BR3 method is reshaping the lower back from the outside. Now we are doing things that will continue the reshaping of the lumbar region, with a focus on what we can do to reshape it from the outside from a painful state to a pain free state.

With this component, there are only 5 steps that you need to take and the best part is it will only take a few minutes for you to implement. [$29.99 Value]

Injury Specific Exercise

Now that we have started the reshaping of the lower back from the inside and outside, the next step is to focus on injury specific exercises. Most therapists do all the same exercises, no matter what the lower back injury is, but this is not right. About 60% of the exercises are the same for all lower back injuries but the last 40% are injury specific.

Looking at all back injuries, they fall into four categories: Herniations and Bulges, Sprains and Strains, Sciatica and All Others. The category your back injury falls into will decide the injury specific exercises that you should do.

Now you’ll be able to implement exercises and stretches because you have addressed the root cause and not the symptoms.

The Online DVDs explain everything step-by-step. Or you can refer to your handy PDF for a quick reference guide to over 60-exercises and techniques you can start using immediately to alleviate pain and feel better in just minutes. This segment will save you time, money, heartache and ultimately your health when you no longer look to medication and surgery as the only alternative. [$150 Value]

Order today and you'll also receive
these three powerful bonuses


Bonus 1:

The 48-Hour Back Pain Rescue Guide

Do you know what to do when back pain first hits?

The 48-Hour Back Pain Rescue Guide shows you what to do.

It gives you movements that you need to do in order to decrease your back pain, loosen up your back, release tightness in your muscles and get back to being pain-free.

Rick Kaselj has used this program a number of times to overcome a back pain flare up in 48 to 72 hours.

For example, a few months back, Rick was doing a barbell deadlift complex and tweaked his back. As the day went by, his back got worse and worse.

He went to the guide and did the exercises in the guide for 10 minutes, a few times a day. Every time he went through the exercises, the pain would decrease, movement would improve, tension would decrease and he could do more. By the fourth day, he was able to get back to the gym and do his workouts.

Bonus 2:

The No Back Strain Workout

This is a full 30-day program you can follow that eliminates all compression, flexion and extension of the back.

How? With the use of the stability ball and carefully selected exercises.

Engaging the body with the movements assembled in this workout will take your traditional lifts to a new level while at the same time alleviate chronic pain.

We are all 1 bad rep away from hurting our backs, so adding strength, mobility and flexibility to our body is essential. The links of our body’s chain need to be the same strength from one end to the other. What good is a chain if the middle link is made of plastic and the rest are steel?

That’s why Stability Ball exercises are invaluable to athletes. It’s time to eliminate pain, minimize strain and increase strength in the chain with this 30-day Stability Ball program that puts ABSOLUTELY no strain on your lower back.

Get a great workout without any pressure on your back or spine! Includes PDF Workout Logs as Well as Exercise Videos.

Bonus 3:

Earn 3 CECs/CEUs

If you are a health and fitness professional, you can earn 3 continuing education credits (CECs) & 3 continuing education units (CEUs) with Fix My Back Pain. How it works is, while you are going through the material for yourself or to better help your clients, answer the multiple choice exam. After you are done with the exam, send it to us, we will mark it and give you your 3 CECs/CEUs.

Fix My Back Pain is approved for BCRPA and NSCA CECs/CEUs. If you need them for another association, it is easy enough to petition to get approval and we can help.

Since you are visiting this web page during this special launch event
you have the opportunity to claim the entire system (worth $479) for
a one-time payment of $19.

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100% risk free guarantee in 60 days

Feel a Decrease In Your Back Pain In 7-Days
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If you are not 100% satisfied with this product and you feel that you didn't receive the value you were expecting, I will refund all your money. NO QUESTIONS ASKED

If that is Not Good Enough, Try the Fix My Back Pain system For The Next 60 Days With A No-Risk, 100% Money Back Guarantee!

“Test drive” the techniques for the next 60 days with absolutely no risk so you can fix your lower back injury and end your pain. You can feel completely safe because you are protected by this iron clad 100% money back guarantee.

You will not only be satisfied, we guarantee you will be thrilled and amazed with the Fix My Back Pain system, or you can simply email us and ask for a prompt and courteous, no hassles, no questions asked, 100% refund.

In fact, if you’re not completely happy for any reason at all, then we insist that you ask for a refund. However, after seeing so many men and women end their Lower Back Pain in a quick and effective manner, we are confident that you will be thrilled as well.


Thank You Rick! You've helped me to stay young agile! You are the most knowledgeable leader in the fitness industry for injuries.

Rick is my Go To Guy! After injuring my back years ago in the gym and dealing with slipped discs from having my son I never thought I could regain my strength and be able to do all my favorite outdoor hobbies I once did.

With Rick's help and thorough knowledge of back pain I've been able to train hard again but most importantly I can play with my son without nagging pain in my back. My son practices Jiu-Jitsui moves on me and I have to stay on top of my game without falling to pieces.

With your exercises and routines I have been able to keep up with him!

I highly recommend Rick's Fix My Back Pain for living a healthy life without the burden of back pain.

Thank you =)

Sylvia Favela


In addition to chiropractic care I recommend that patients with low back pain perform stretches and exercises that will help them fight chronic pain.

The trick is executing the movements that actually help instead of making the condition worse. This is where my friend Rick Kaselj and Fix My Back Pain come into play.

FMBP offers nutrition guidelines, lifestyle tips and efficient plug-in workouts that anyone can follow to help them get injury and pain free.

Dr. Charles
Certified Wellness Practitioner
Chiropractic Physician
Best Selling Health Author


The entire industry looks at Rick Kaselj as the "Lower Back Pain Solution" expert and that's because he speaks on the subject and has written and published more info on it than anyone else.

Bedros Keuilian
Personal Trainer Success Coach

Don’t Avoid Your Back Pain – Get Rid Of It!

I really want to stress this to you. If you’re feeling frustrated trying to end your annoying back pain, and for whatever reason… what you’re trying isn’t working, then let Rick help you. Rick helps athletes and serious fitness enthusiasts get back to what they have a passion for instead of telling them to stop training.

Whether you currently have a lumbar injury or if you have back pain that has been lingering off and on for way too long, Fix My Back Pain will benefit you more than you can imagine. You’ll learn the exact same techniques that I utilized to reshape my lower back to a pain free state… so I was finally able to get back to my workouts full force without any distractions. These are the same methods that Rick teaches his own local clients as well as health and fitness professionals across the United States and Canada.

You’ve got nothing to lose but unnecessary aches and pains. Join us right now and finally address the root cause of your lower back pain safely without getting the run-around or getting talked into expensive appointments, medications or surgery. The program only takes minutes a day and you don’t have to change your current workout.

To your health & success,

Mike Westerdal, CPT
criticalbench1 at gmail.com

Rick Kaselj, MS

P.S. – There is NO RISK at all for you when you try the Fix My Back Pain System. If you are not thrilled with how this system decreases your pain, let us know and we will refund your order. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Rick Kaselj and I have been trusted by the largest fitness & rehabilitation associations in North America (NSCA, ACE, CanFitPro, BCRPA, RKC, BCAK, CKA, NHPC).

P.P.S. Whether you’re trying to avoid surgery, recover from surgery, get off meds, get some sleep, prevent things from getting worse or just want to end some nagging pain, Fix My Back Pain is for you.

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Q: Do I have to stop working out while I do the Fix My Back Pain Program?

A: No, you do not. For many of Rick’s clients, he blends it into their program. Many times he takes out ineffective stretching and strengthening and puts in BR3 method exercises which end up only adding 5-10 minutes to the beginning and end of your regular workout.

Q: Do I need any special equipment or a gym membership to follow this?

A: No, many of the pieces of equipment suggested are commonly found around the house or can be found at a department store for a few dollars. You don’t need a gym membership to do the program but if you do have a gym membership you can do the program at the gym.

Q: Does the system work best for people of a certain age?

A: This will work for people any age from teenagers to the golden years. In fact the older you are, the better it will work. Years of gravity work on our backs often times leads to chronic pain. Fix My Back Pain helps you reshape your lower back into a pain-free state using concepts and movements that most therapists don’t know about.

Q: I want to start using Fix My Back Pain right now. Do I have to wait for the program to come in the mail?

A: You don’t have to wait, you can have access in just a few moments. FMBP is a digital product so don’t worry about shipping fees or delaying results.

Q: What specific injuries or pain does the program address?

Q: Are there any injuries Fix My Back Pain is not ideal for?

A: SI (sacroiliac) joint pain, cervical (neck) pain, ankylosing spondylitis, thoracic (mid-back), scoliosis, osteoporosis of the lower back or if you have had back surgery within the last few weeks.

Q: Does Fix My Back Pain work for men and women?

A: It works for both.

Q: Why haven’t I heard about the BR3 Method before?

A: Frankly this information is brand new and nobody else is talking about it yet. Rick is an injury specialist that teaches other health and fitness professionals his injury prevention and recovery methods. This time the results have been so amazing he’s decided to help more people faster by offering this new technology directly to the end user. The BR3 Method is based on the same technology that has been wildly successful with Rick’s other solutions such as Fix My Shoulder Pain and Fix My Knee Pain.

Q: Will I really feel better in just minutes?

A: Yes, follow the BR3 Method and you will feel better in minutes. I did not say your pain would be completely gone, but I know when you follow the 3-parts of the program, you will see how our program is different than anything you have seen or done before. You'll also see how easy it is to do and begin the journey to a pain-free lower back.

Q: How long do I need to follow the Fix My Back Pain system to get the best results?

A: You need to perform the program consistently for 1-month to get the best possible results.

Q: What if I’ve already had surgery in the past? Is Fix My Back Pain safe for me?

Yes, it is. The 3-parts of the BR3 method will benefit you and help to reshape your lower back into a pain free state.

Q: My back pain isn’t that serious. It’s more of just a nuisance. Will I benefit from the system?

A: Definitely. If you’re feeling any kind of pain you are probably headed down a dangerous path. You should take care of it before it gets worse.

Q: I’ve been searching around online and found other lower back strengthening and stretching exercises for lumbar pain, can’t I just follow those?

A: That's probably not a good idea, as it's hard to know if the information that you're finding is reliable. Until you reshape your lower back to a pain-free state, strengthening and stretching exercises will at best offer temporary relief.

Q: What if the program doesn’t work for me?

A: If you follow the program as outlined and for any reason you’re not happy we’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked. We stand behind this product 100% and have no problem offering a money back guarantee.


“If you want sensible, practical, scientific and proven strategies to address your back pain issues, then look no further than Rick Kaselj and Mike Westerdal's Fix My Back Pain program.

Whether you are looking to stay out of pain or get out of pain, Fix My Back Pain comes with my highest recommendation and could be one of the best educational-training invest-ments you ever make.”

John Du Cane
CEO, Dragon Door Publications


“I used to feel a lot like you might now - knowing I needed to do something about my client's injury and movement issues, but not 100% sure about the best course of action to take with them.

Rick's programs have helped me learn how to assess and correct client movement issues in a simple to understand manner. As a nice side benefit, they've also helped my people increase their strength and overall performance.

If you are having some of the same problems, investing in Rick's program is a no-brainer. Do it now - and thank me later! ”

Forest Vance
MS, Human Movement
Certified Personal Trainer
Certified Russian Kettlebell Instructor


“What I love about FMBP is it's super convenient…I deal with limited back pain but I wanted to face it head on with something that worked into my current routine.

FMBP is amazing because you can use it as a plug in before and after your existing workouts…it only takes 5-10 minutes before and 5-10 min after your workouts…leading to improved performance during my routines and I feel fantastic afterwards AND for the rest of the day! ”

Chris Wilson
RKC Clearwater, FL


“When it comes to dealing with injuries and injury prevention, I always go to Rick Kaselj. I have always referred my readers and my clients to him because I find his approach simple and easy-to-follow. His programs and techniques for dealing with back pain have allowed me to play basketball 3 days a week with 20-year olds and I'm 38! Thanks to his methods, I can play confidently and keep my back pain non-existent. My readers send me emails consistently raving about what his programs have done for them. ”

Mike Whitfield, CTT
Creator, WorkoutFinishers.com


“Fix My Back Pain was very informative and it is wonderful to be able to get good education and information in such a convenient way. It's also great to have the webinar videos on hand to review at a later date. It's a quick and convenient way to keep up to date in our field.

Thank You.”

Pia Jmioff
Penticton, BC, Canada
Certified Exercise Physiologist


“The webinars which Rick Kaselj has are very informative. He provides a lot of content in a very short time and always provides a copy of the presentations and PDFs. It is nice to have a copy of the webinar so that you can look back and refresh your mind at a later date. Thanks Rick…..wish there were more!”

Jackie Harrison
BSc HK NS Certified Kinesiologist


“What I like about all of Rick Kaselj's programs is that they are very thorough in their approach. FMBP is no different. It is broken down into sections, each one educating the reader on a particular aspect of the injury. The program is progressive and well thought out with clear instructions and video back up for those who are unsure of the various exercises. Overall a very comprehensive and well thought out program. Rick's products are fantastic resources for self-educating about your own existing injuries or for the sports therapist or sports injury specialist to better be able to assist in returning a client back to full functional movement or back to the client's favored sport.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge and passion.”

Kind regards

Tony Davis
Professional Martial Arts Coach and Sports Therapist
Milton Keynes, UK


“The exercises were excellent and helped me get rid of my pain. I also realized what not to do and the limitations my body has.”

Keith Goeringer
Nashville, TN

It’s Time To Get Rid Of Your Back Pain – Trailer

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